We have an experienced legal team, technical experts and a service team that ensures that the processes within our organisation run smoothly.

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Who are we and what are our values?

Privanot has its origins in notarial practice – the best-known sector for observing confidentiality and professional secrecy. Within notarial practice, ALL legal and technical measures to protect personal data have been taken, from as early as 2008, while observing the deontological code and professional secrecy. Pursuant to the European GDPR legislation, Privanot was set up with the idea to provide a solution for the GDPR-needs of the notarial profession. The shared service for the notarial profession within Privanot has a sector-wide approach whereby the implementation of GDPR is harmonised.


At the start-up, our client base consisted mainly of public notaries but, these days, we assist over 850 customers with data protection in widely differing sectors, including Government, independent professions, the private sector and international institutions.


At Privanot we attach great importance to the protection of the rights and freedoms of the parties involved. The data subjects always come first and we ensure that our clients honour that in the data that they process. Our approach is based completely on the spirit of the GDPR, namely the protection of natural persons.

Following the European legislation on GDPR, Privanot was founded with the idea of providing a solution to the needs of GDPR for the notary profession.

The team

Our team comprises three 3 services: a legal- , IT- and a support service. Each service consists of experienced experts who cooperate in order to make our client-organisations GDPR-proof.


Our legal advisors specialize in protecting personal data and in other areas relating to ICT (Information and Communication Technology), such as intellectual property law or consumer laws in the digital economy. They steer you – and your staff – through the compliance process and organise the requisite training.


Specializing in the protection of information systems, our technical experts advise you to hold or store the processed digital data as securely as possible. They also conduct technical audits and intervene in the event of data breaches caused by you.


A dedicated team ensures that the day to day processes of our company run smoothly. Their priority is to have a sense of good service and availability.