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Unsure whether GDPR extends to your SME too?

GDPR applies to every company, organisation, NPA or person that (or who) processes personal data in an automated way or in a data file.

Does your organisation have a customer database, do you store address data or email addresses? These are all processing of personal data that must be carried out in accordance with the GDPR.

Transparent processing of data and a good response to privacy questions promote a good relationship with the customer.

SMEs also have to protect the personal data of those concerned (their customers, employees, suppliers, etc.). The data subjects have a number of rights and can, for example, ask which personal data about them are being processed. We can help you with this, you can appoint us as DPO or you can opt for a personalised approach.

With a personalised approach, we offer you several solutions tailored to your organisation 

  • The standard documents for your organisation: privacy policy, cookie policy, internal procedures, instructions for employees and a model processing register - action plan
  • Standard training on the GDPR
  • GDPR-audit
  • Legal and technical assistance